About Us


One Healthy Soul is run by a committed couple who have dedicated their lives to personal development, coaching and living life to the fullest (Gary & Alona)

Gary’s ‘day job’ is as a building consultant and mentor to trades and contractors just starting out in business and needing guidance on how to run their business successfully.  In between surfing and playing his sax, Gary is passionate about getting every second out of every day and his love of the personal development industry has pushed him forward to learning more about himself and the young business people he coaches.

Alona has been transforming her life through the Law of Attraction for the past 20 years following the leading figures in the personal development realm leading her to run a successful international coaching business after attending Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. After working in executive positions in the corporate world, her love of real estate and growing successful and prosperous businesses from scratch have allowed her the freedom to practice the Law of Attraction to her hearts content.  

Both Gary and Alona love travel and lead busy, fun lives, but always make sure they take time to find clarity and focus through meditation.

Why the Meditation Mala?

We believe that our Meditation Mala, combined with the 2 incredible bonuses (20 Tips to Prosperity in Your Life and Mindfulness & Inner Peace), is the ultimate accessory for any Law of Attraction enthusiast.

The mala – which suits both guys and ladies serves as a reminder that you are capable of anything you set your mind to – but you must nurture your soul first – everything else flows out of that one action.  If you can find your peace, you will find your clarity and direction and manifest all the goodness you want in your life. 

The 2 bonuses are there to help you on the way to integrating the law of attraction into your life – first by finding your inner peace and secondly by learning how to attract prosperity into your life.  

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Once you find your inner peace you will find the prosperity will be used in ways to benefit yourself and others in ways you didn’t know were possible.

We’re excited for you!