Our Fragrant Green Sandalwood Meditation Mala fits any wrist as it has elastic threaded through the sandalwood beads.


It is a beautiful soft design that has 108 beads at 8mm each.

This beautiful mala can be worn around the wrist or as a necklace.


It is made handmade and features the ‘Endless Knot’. The Endless, or Eternity Knot is one of the “Eight Auspicious Symbols” of Buddhism.

The divine significance of the Endless Knot is that it represents the connection between one’s spiritual path, the movement of time, and the omnipresent Buddha self – or divine eternal consciousness. One can find several other spiritual significance’s of the knot, for a symbol representing interconnectedness lends itself to many interpretations. Some believe the knot is representative of the endless cycle of Samsara, or continuous succession of birth, death and rebirth. Others believe it signifies the desirable union between right wisdom and right practice, or wisdom and compassion.

The Endless Knot symbol can be placed on gifts in order to create a favorable link between the giver and receiver of the gift. This symbol will simply act as a reminder of the underlying unification between two or more individuals. Also, by reminding one’s self and others of the important philosophy of interconnectedness and spiritual consequence, both the giver and receiver can enjoy a small dose of good karma.



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